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十大网赌平台拥有非常多样化的学生群体. 我们的本科生来自世界各地, but all have one thing in common: a desire to challenge convention and change our world.

We are a vibrant community characterized by a multitude of voices and viewpoints, 深深植根于我们的全球认同. Our doors are open to students, faculty, and scholars from over 80 nations. We take great pride in the valuable contributions and achievements of our international students, as their diverse perspectives enrich our collective understanding. 

我们邀请您了解我们的入学要求, academic offerings, 以及我们在新英格兰中心的美丽家园.  


A student who: 

  • Does not hold U.S. citizenship 
  • Does not hold U.S. 永久居留权(绿卡持有者) 

We seek students who want to be involved and are community-oriented, 还有那些相信通过提升自己, 他们有责任改善自己的生活, environment, systems, and tools. There is no one right way to move forward — so there is no one way to be a Clarkie.

国际学生可以选择申请 Regular Decision, Early Action or Early Decision candidate, following the same application deadlines as all other applicants.

Decision Application Deadline Notification Release
Early Decision I November 15 Late December
Early Action November 15 Mid-January
Early Decision II January 15 Early February
Regular Decision January 15 Late March
转学-秋季学期开始 滚动,2月1日至5月1日 滚动,在4周内
春季学期开始 9月1日- 11月1日 滚动,在4周内
一年级春季学期开始 9月1日- 11月1日 滚动,在4周内

Please ensure that all application documents are submitted in English. You may include both the original documents and their certified translations into English.

Application Checklist
  • Common Application, OR 联盟应用程序与Scoir. 没有申请费.
  • Transcript(s)
    • Transcript(s) must include the last three years of education and may be submitted through the Common Application or Coalition Application (preferred), 或者直接把文件发邮件到
  • 2推荐信
    • Please provide 2 recommendation letters—one from your school counselor and one from a teacher. Your recommenders can submit their letters via the Common Application or Coalition Application (preferred) or email them directly to If your school does not have a school counselor or university advisor, please submit recommendation letters from two academic teachers.
  • Proof of 英语语言能力 (see additional information below)
  • SAT or ACT scores (所有学生可选)
    • 学校代码:SAT: 003279, ACT: 1808
  • CSS Profile (只适用于申请按需资助)

If English is not your native language, you must provide an official TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, or Pearson PTE score report. 你的英语水平将被全面评估, 考虑到你的分数, transcript, essay, 以及推荐信.

如果你参加过托福考试, 雅思或培生PTE考试, we prefer receiving official test scores directly from the testing agency although we accept a scanned copy sent by you or your counselor/teacher to 如果你参加过多邻国英语测试, please ensure that the official score is sent directly from the Duolingo portal.

虽然我们没有具体的最低分数, below are general indicators of the minimum English proficiency for studying at Clark. Please note that meeting these indicators does not guarantee admission:

  • 托福网考:总分85分,各科成绩均不低于20分; or
  • IELTS: 6.总分5分,所有分项得分均低于6分; or
  • 多邻国:总分120分,所有分项得分均在100分以下; or
  • PTE:总分61分,所有分项得分均低于55分

If we find that you meet the academic requirements for admission to Clark University but may benefit from additional language support, we will recommend our 学术成功英语计划 or 本科衔接课程. 这取决于你的英语水平, you may spend one to four semesters in one of these programs before transitioning to the undergraduate degree program.

面试是可选的,但强烈鼓励. Interviews allow us to get to know you beyond the confines of your application, and you get to learn about Clark from a student or staff perspective.

面向国际学生, interview can also be used as a supplementary measurement of your English proficiency.


所有本科录取学生, 不论国籍, 会自动获得优秀奖学金吗, 而且不需要单独申请. International students can also apply for need-based financial aid by completing the CSS Profile at CSS Profile.

十大平台网赌提供了极具竞争力的服务 总统奖学金,包括学费、住宿费和食宿费. 每年奖励3-5名学生, recipients are responsible for additional costs totaling approximately $10,000 per year. 申请总统奖学金, first-year applicants for the Fall semester can indicate their interest on their application. Additional instructions for applying for the 总统奖学金 will be sent via email shortly after submitting the application.

While Clark provides merit and need-based aid for international students, 它可能不包括所有的教育费用. Typically, international students pay around $40,000 per year after considering scholarships and aid. 我们每年的总费用约为75,000美元.

Please note, 我们的录取过程是有需求的, meaning the student and family’s ability to pay may impact the admissions decision. An application may be denied if a student’s indicated financial need exceeds what we can offer through scholarships and aid.

For more details on merit scholarships, financial aid, and costs, visit:

Clark University offers advanced standing credit for certain academic programs completed prior to enrollment. This includes Advanced Placement (AP), British A-Level, and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Additionally, other international programs that may qualify for advanced standing credit include the Ontario 13th Year, Quebec CEGEP, German ABITUR, Swiss MATURA, Italian MATURITA, 法国或摩洛哥学士学位, and the CAPE Diploma. Evaluation for advanced standing credit for other programs is done on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions about advanced standing credit eligibility, please contact the 学术谘询处 for assistance.


If you haven’t found the answers you need in the information provided above or on our 常见问题页面,请不要犹豫,给我们发邮件至 如需进一步协助.



Clark’s 美国语言文化协会 (ALCI) offers multiple programs for international students to meet their English language learning goals, either concurrently with or in preparation for degree-seeking coursework.

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We Are Many. We Are One.

十大网赌平台的范围和精神都是全球性的. 见见智利的何塞·卡斯蒂略·黑山, who explains what it’s like to be an international student at Clark.


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